Vespa Elettrica: The battery-powered future of the step-through

Vespa announced its electric scooter at EICMA last year, but now it appears to be ready for showrooms, along with a hybrid version.

From what we can tell from the Piaggio Group’s press release, there are two versions of the electric scooter. The first is the Vespa Elettrica, which runs completely off a lithium-ion battery. The second is the Elettrica X, which has a hybrid drive train.

The Elettrica is capable of 2 kW of continuous power, with 4 kW of peak power delivery, which Vespa says out-accelerates a traditional 50 cc scooter. Just as importantly, Vespa guarantees a 100-km range for the Elettrica, and a 200-km range for the hybrid. The Elettrica can be recharged in four hours, and can use a normal wall plug or a public electric car charger.

According to the Piaggio Group press release, the new Vespa will be produced in Italy, and be distributed globally in 2018.

While scooters are typically lost amidst the buzz surrounding more high-dollar, high-horsepower bikes at EICMA, this is a very significant move by one of the world’s oldest and most-respected manufacturers of powered two-wheelers. In a Europe that’s moving towards banning the internal combustion engine, the motorcycle industry must adapt to stay in business. Considering that scooters are a major part of the Euro transportation grid, their manufacturers must be ready to roll with the changes, or they’ll be replaced by other manufacturers that have a better survival plan. The fact that Vespa is talking about this electric scooter now, instead of at the last minute before a internal combustion engine ban, shows the Italian brand is ready to move forward and do what it’s done already for decades: survive.


  1. I tried out a 300 this summer the braking and suspension were fantastic. The seat however was terrible I couldn’t wait to get off of it . I walked away I had the money to buy it that day, but I didn’t. I was very disappointed.

    • I’ve never owned a Vespa but my friends who’ve had them have said the same thing. Lots to like about them, but there’s always a dealbreaker.

  2. Ok Vespa I’ve always liked your classic look and I’m old enough to not care about scooter jokes.
    I’d buy one if the price is right ( same ball park as your gas only model. ) and the 100k range would be fine around town.

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