KTM 790 Duke: The parallel twin future is here

The KTM 790 Duke has arrived.

Despite the reputation that parallel twins have for being stodgy and boring, KTM could change that with this machine. Dry weight is 169 kg, peak horsepower is 105 hp, and max torque is 63.4 lb-ft. Not bad.

Of course, the 790 will also have the proper electronics package that keep riders between the lines. This is no penny-pinching budget bike; it has cornering ABS, traction control, quickshifter, launch control, TFT dash, etc.

There’s also proper suspension, courtesy of WP, with 43 mm USD forks and adjustable shock. There are dual 300 mm discs up front, with four-piston calipers. WP also provided a steering damper.

KTM hasn’t issued any statement on whether or not we can expect this in Canada, but it should be here for 2018.


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  1. Maybe the Super Duke GT was pulled for a design crime against humanity. Or the planet was deemed more important than the massive pointless plastic proboscis attached to that thing. WTF!

    • I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Not many have the money to buy a bike like that, and those that do are buying Harleys or more track-oriented bikes. The roads in Canada just aren’t good enough for a super-tourer like that.

      Too bad. I loved the one I rode.

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