Italian magazine tests Yamaha T7 Rally prototype

After much teasing, the Yamaha parallel twin adventure bike will debut this show season.

The Yamaha T7 Rally prototype seems to be drawing closer to a reality, with an Italian mag running a test article of the bike.

First appearing at last year’s EICMA show, the T7 Rally was a bike that many adventure bike fans had been asking for—Yamaha’s well-respected parallel twin engine (from the FZ-07) mated with what appeared to be a competent off-road chassis and modern styling.

In the months after EICMA, we didn’t hear much more about the bike, but it seems the prototype is still under development. In its June issue, DueRuote has an article detailing their findings of the new adventure bike, along with video showing the machine in use. From the video, it seems the new machine is capable enough off-road. See that clip, and read a bit of information on the bike at DueRuote’s website (you’ll need Google Translate, unless you speak Italian).

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