EICMA: Yamaha shows T7 Rally

Almost as soon as the FZ-07 (a.k.a. the MT-07) made its debut, people wondered when Yamaha would get around to making an adventure bike version. The answer is soon, maybe.

Today at EICMA, Yamaha unveiled its T7 Rally concept bike, which is just what people have been asking for: An adventure bike based around that sensibly-priced parallel twin.

But the trouble is, it’s just a concept bike, at least for now. There are no guarantees this thing will ever go into production. But if it does, then expect interest to be high.

With styling straight from the Dakar rally, a 21-inch front wheel, KYB front suspension, an estimated 75 hp, and the capability to lay down long miles, there would be plenty of people lined up to buy this machine, especially if pricing was aggressive. Some of the frills seen in this video (carbon-fibre bodywork, Akrapovic exhaust) aren’t likely to make production, though — or they’ll drive prices up if they do.

We’d expect to know more about the future of this concept by next year’s show season.


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