EICMA: KTM Scalpel is a 790 Duke prototype

We don’t know much about the new KTM Scalpel, except that it has an 800cc parallel-twin engine and promises”unparalleled poise and lightness.” Well, that’s a good start.

The bike that came out on stage at EICMA is a prototype for the 2018 Duke 790. Costa was right beside it when it was fired up, and he says it “sounded evil”. We’ll have to see if that sound stays once it’s passed Euro4 and everything else.

We do know it will have an advanced ride-by-wire system and all the traction control and IMU enhancements that KTM can develop over the next year. The steel frame is hand-welded and the whole thing is designed by Kiska.

There’s no news on the suspension, but you can be sure it’s under development as you read this. If this is the shape of things to come from KTM, sign us up for a test-ride!


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