Grom-based series to run in BC

It’s finally happening. Honda Grom-based roadracing is coming to Canada at a track near you, as long as you live in BC.

This summer, the Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club is running a new series called the Grom Prix. Kicking off on May 24 at the Greg Moore Raceway (full schedule below). Series entry includes a free race clinic for new entries and mentoring through the entire race season.

We’re not sure of all the technical regulations, but we do understand there will be a spec class, as well as an open class that encourages upgrades.

We also understand the BC series is a bit of an experiment; there may be a second series coming east, to the Ontario/Quebec region, and if that’s a success, we may even see a national series. From what we hear, the CBR250 national series is dead (don’t worry, you can still get your small-capacity kicks in the Ninja 300 series). A Grom series allows Honda to stay involved with entry-level roadracing, and with a machine that should put a smile on anyone’s face.

2015 Grom Prix schedule

May 24 – Greg Moore Raceway
June 21 – Greg Moore Raceway
July 25 – Cariboo Raceway
July 26 – Cariboo Raceway
Aug. 1 – Greg Moore Raceway
Aug. 2 – Greg Moore Raceway


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