Jordan Szoke Returns For Kawasaki In 2024

Jordan Szoke scoots around Jennings GP. in 2023. He's back aboard a Kawasaki this season! Photo: Colin Fraser

The winningest rider in Canadian Superbike race history is back for another campaign, and he’s returning aboard a Kawasaki! Yesterday, Jordan Szoke confirmed that he will once again ride green for 2024, as he challenges for another CSBK title.

Here’s what Kawasaki said on Facebook:

Canadian Kawasaki Motors is excited to announce that 14-time Canadian Superbike. Champion and fan-favorite Jordan Szoke will once again join with Kawasaki to ride a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R for the 2024 CSBK title.

Pro Sportbike race winner Connor Campbell will also continue his transition into the flagship category of the Bridgestone Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) under the Campbell Racing umbrella.

Szoke (left) and Connor Campbell (right) will ride green again this year. Photo: Kawasaki

Szoke is no doubt looking for some payback in the championship, as 2023 was a tough campaign. With a DNF at Shannonville and another at Grand Bend, he ended in fourth overall in the Pro Superbike title hunt. Ben Young won the title, followed by Alex Dumas, then Sam Guerin.

The word on the street is that Dumas is retiring this year, and if Szoke stays healthy with no DNFs, he should certainly be a contender to win again—although 2023 was the first year that he had no race wins in a very long time. The highest he finished in a race was second, in the first race of Shannonville’s season-ending triple-header.

However, he started 2023 in tough physical condition, after missing 2022 due to injury and having other health issues before last season started.

It looks like Szoke will be running a one-man squad, too—note the wording of Kawi’s statement above. Last year, Campbell teamed up with Szoke after Trevor Dion bailed from the Waznie Racing team mid-season. Now, Campbell is back on a Kawi, but on his own team.

Remember, the season starts early this year, with the first race weekend opening on May 17 in Shannonville—see the 2024 schedule here.


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