Video: Green Chile soft rack demonstration

In need of a lightweight luggage solution for your bike? Check out the Green Chile soft rack system in the video below.

In the past, motorcyclists generally had two options: Bolt on a metal rack and strap saddlebags or panniers to it, or bungee down a pack. Increasingly, adventure riding’s rise in popularity is resulting in more lightweight universal solutions to this problem though. We’ve tried a few ourselves (see our review of Wolfman’s Boulder Beta here, and our soft luggage comparo here).

The Green Chile (their website is here) seems to offer similar capabilities to some of the other systems we’ve tried, with a bit more universal appeal. Got Wolfman Rolie bags? You can strap ’em on with this system. Got an army surplus backpack you want to haul on your bike? The Green Chile system also looks like it should work. You can also use it to strap on your puncture kit, or your kayaking dry bags, or whatever.

Of course, the guy doing the video seems to have some sort of financial arrangement with Green Chile, so we can’t vouch for the system, other than the appearances we see in the clip. And, if you’re really cheap, you could always make do with a set of bungee straps, or even ratchet straps But, this looks like a pretty useful system that could come in particularly handy for riders on a budget.


  1. Not a bad idea. However, I think Kriega’s system where the straps are attached to anchor points under the seat (and can be hidden when not in use) – and then simply “clip” in to the tailbag with quick-release buckles works much better. You can even then use the other quick release buckles on the Kriega tailbag to snap in some Kriega saddles. It just seems like a more elegant, quick, and simple system. Probably more expensive though. But you get what you pay for. Kriega stuff is waterproof too. Of course I don’t work for Kriega. But I like their gear, and it seems highly regarded by others.

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