CSC announces accessory lineup for RX3 adventure bike

The folks at California Scooter Company have announced several accessories that are available for the new RX3 adventure bike.

The RX3 Cyclone adventure bike is a rebadged Zongshen, made in China, that’s supposed to be on the Canadian market in 2015 under a direct-to-consumer retail model – no dealerships necessary. In the US, the bike is selling for $3,495 and offers something no other manufacturer has in their lineup – a quarter-litre adventure bike. Read more about it here.

But adventure bikes need more than long-travel suspension and knobbies. Most ADV riders want creature comforts to keep them happy on long rides, so CSC has announced a line of accessories towards that end. They’ve got heated grips, centre stand, maintenance stand, magnetic tank bag, dash-mounted 12v outlets, spotlights and larger aluminum luggage.

That’s an accessory list that equals what’s available from the factory for some of the 650-class dual sports, and far outstrips the factory offerings for any 250-class dual sports. Without seeing them first-hand, it’s hard to know what sort of quality to expect, but if they (and the bike) hold up, this lineup will go a long way towards establishing the RX3 as a legimate ADVer.

Pricing isn’t up for the accessories yet, and we also don’t know the Canadian MSRP for the bike. However, we’re expecting more updates soon.


  1. I’m in the market for a 250 dualsport for mostly commuting and some dirt road exploring, so this bike would probably fit the bill better than the dualies. One of the big concerns with the chinese bikes though is depreciation and corrosion of the fasteners and such. The initial price may be low, but if the resale is almost zero in a few years then it’s not such a great deal.

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