Video: Honda promotes True Adventure

Last month, Honda unveiled their True Adventure prototype. Now, Honda’s releasing a series of videos promoting the bike.

We had some details on the bike at the time, but not much, and there hasn’t been much buzz about the machine since. The new videos don’t give out much, but they seem to indicate the direction Honda is heading with their prototype. It would be nice to have specs and a delivery date for showroom floors, but it seems the project just isn’t there yet.

You can see the two videos Honda has released so far below. We assume there are more to come.


  1. Well done videos, but when Honda did a surprise showing of the RCV they said that the overhyped release of the VFR1200 was a mistake and drew criticism. Now they are hyping an apparent “RTW” bike. It better deliver. I also notice many of the Hondas in the vid are small displacement, which makes sense for anyone travelling that far. I’m hoping there is a range of bikes under the “True Adventure” series.

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