SW-Motech announces new Navi Case Pro

Want to keep your GPS or smartphone in a waterproof handlebar case? SW-Motech can help. Or at least, they’ll be able to help you soon.

In  February, SW-Motech’s new Navi Case Pro units will be available. These waterproof cases are intended for all-weather use; they’re splash-proof, with rubberized zippers, for use in the rain. A sun shade keeps the screen visible on bluebird days.

There will be three different sizes available, and the cases will have foam inserts that allow you to customize the fit for your electronic devices, whether it’s a GPS, smart phone or some other gadget. There’s also an opening that allows a cable to pass through to the inside of the case, so you can keep your electronics wired to your bike, allowing you to navigate without depleting your device’s battery.

A plastic base plate lets you connect the Navi Case Pro to for SW-MOTECH GPS mounts, RAM systems and Richter plate mounts,

In the US, Twisted Throttle will charge $24.80 for the small and medium cases, and $31 for the large case; expect a higher price from their Canadian arm.


  1. Wow, that’s a reasonable price from SW motec. Now a person can use a regular GPS instead of the pricey moto specific ones. Since Garmin has discontinued the affordable and water proof Nuvi 550, only the mega expensive Zumo models were available.

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