MotoAmerica rulebook now available

Photo: MotoAmerica

Photo: MotoAmerica

If you’re interested in the new MotoAmerica roadracing series, you can now check out the rulebook for the Superbike, Superstock 1000, Supersport and Superstock 600 classes.

The AMA’s deal with MotoAmerica is surely the biggest news in North American roadracing in years. Hopes are high that the new series will give a new pulse to superbike racing in the USA; if that happens, it might be good for Canadians as well. Many Canadians have competed in AMA series in the past, and a strong, well-managed series would be an option for a strong Canadian racer.

You can check out the new rulebook here. You’ll notice the rules for the KTM RC390 spec series are missing; they’re supposed to be along soon.


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