Corbin to offer “Design Your Seat” custom option

Corbin has been offering fantastic custom seats for years, but soon they’re going to make things even easier for their customers, by introducing an option on their website that allows buyers to customize their seat by building a virtual mock-up.

Corbin customers already have plenty of customizing options; the company lets buyers pick out which seat cover fabric they want, and they offer several different seat profiles for many bikes. But now, the new custom seat building interface they plan to introduce to their website should offer even more options.

According to their press release, “Once you’ve chosen the seat model, you can choose from Corbin’s vast range of color and material options in every component of the seat. You can even choose the color of the stitching and the embroidered logo. The design can then be shared with your friends, saved, printed or sent off to Corbin for creation.”

So, it doesn’t sound as if they’re offering the ability to design your own seat profile, at least for now. However, with the rise in 3D printing technology, that must be on the horizon – maybe for another seat manufacturer, if not Corbin. The only problem is, comfortable saddle-making may prove to be such a black art that customers might not be satisfied with their own designs, and prefer to leave the actual profile and padding design to the pros.

Apparently, Corbin has been working for years to bring this technology to the public; their press release said they had previously developed a system to help customers build a custom design through their web page, but abandoned that attempt when the iPad was released, as it wasn’t compatible.

Corbin says they will have the new seat-building tool on their website on November 26 for beta testing. If you’re interested, you can get a closer look at it then.


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