Kawasaki Z300: Not for Canada

Last week, we told you about all the exciting new small-displacement bikes Kawasaki unveiled at EICMA. This week, we’re telling you they aren’t coming to Canada.

Kawasaki debuted the new Z300 naked bike at EICMA, calling it the first 300 cc bike to enter the supernaked category. The bike is a stripped-down version of their Ninja 300. Perhaps its naked state is a considered a bit shocking for our conservative market? In any case, it isn’t coming to our shores.

The single-cylinder Ninja 250SL and naked Z250SL will also remain unobtanium for Canadian buyers. They were surprise additions to the Kawasaki booth at EICMA – it was thought the bikes would remain in the Asian market, and not make it to western buyers. Alas, they might have made it to European showrooms, but they won’t cross the pond to Canada.

We were told there was plenty of interest in these bikes, but they won’t be coming to Canada. We weren’t given a reason, but it’s possible Kawasaki made a judgment call. Yamaha has the R3, Honda has their 300s, Kawasaki’s existing Ninja 300 sells very well, and buyers looking for a cheaper machine have options in Suzuki’s GW250 and variants. There are a lot of bikes in the 250-300 cc class, especially when compared to what was available 10 years ago. It’s possible Team Green decided the market was already too crowded.


  1. That’s too bad because I would seriously consider buying the Z300. I’m guessing it would have a lower price compared to the Ninja 300. Honda is at least bringing the CB300F. I think you missed out here Kawasaki.

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