Harley-Davidson re-launches motor rebuild program

Harley-Davidson has relaunched their factory engine rebuild program to bring in more flexibility for customers.

For years, Harley-Davidson offered a factory rebuild option for owners who wanted to get their motors returned to health. However, the idea of the rebuild was to return your motor to factory spec; it wasn’t ideal for owners with aftermarket cams or other upgrades, and eventually the program ended.

That remanufacturing program was replaced with this new option, that lets owners not only return their motor to factory specs, but also install upgrades, while still retaining the original VIN. They’re calling it the LongBlock program, and it’s available in all Harley-Davidson’s sales turf, not just the USA.

The potential for riders looking to hot-rod their bike is tremendous; this offers some Twin-Cam owners the chance to move all the way from an 88-inch motor to a 103-inch motor (in some cases). Owners with the 96-inch motor can even go all the way to 110-inch engines. Plus, they can opt to install Screamin’ Eagle parts, or upgrade internals like oil pumps to better units.

For more information, visit Harley-Davidson’s website or drop by your local dealer.


  1. I’ve got a Ultra 02 with close to 50,000 miles with the Fueling pump . At about 38,000miles I did a rebuild kit on the pump. I have a 105,000 miles on the clock . Regardless of oil temp i don’t fall below 32 psi

  2. Maybe Harley should just improve their oil pump instead of asking owners to pony up for an improved unit. I know personally of 2 people with different year bikes that had their oil pumps crap out on the 3rd or 4th year of ownership. And when Harleys own accessories catalog offers upgraded oil pumps, it kinda tells you they know about this problem.

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