Hero seeking trademarks for eight bikes for US market: Report

adventure motorcycle SUV
If you actually travel to foreign countries, you'll find the locals on machines like this 110 cc Hero Passion, not large dual-sports.

Motorcycle.com is reporting Indian manufacturer Hero has applied for trademarks for eight motorcycles for the US market.

According to them, Hero has applied for trademarks for the Xtreme Sports, Splendor Pro Classic, HX250R, Splendor, Pleasure, Karizma, Hunk and Eco Deluxe. Some of those models are already in existence in the Indian market, and some are expected soon. You may remember the fuss the HX250R created when unveiled last winter.

These bikes are all commuters except for the HX250R, which would still be considered a beginner bike over here. But, Hero is supposed to be working on other interesting new projects (like the Hastur 620), and with Erik Buell’s help, they could rapidly make an impact on our market, if their machines are priced appropriately.

We can likely expect an announcement from Hero and/or Buell about their plans for our market in the next few weeks – the AIME show makes the most sense, but EICMA is a possibility as well.


  1. Sorry, but there’s just no way I’m going to ride a Hunk around. If they painted it green and called it Hulk however…

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