Skully extends pre-order offer

Last month, we told you about Skully’s pre-order option for their new AR-1 “smart helmet.” Now,they’re extending that offer.

Skully’s new helmet is packed with technology. Essentially, they’ve taken all the gadgets riders want in a  helmet, and combined them in one. Heads-up-display? Got that. Rear-view camera? Got that. Auto-darkening face shield? Got that. Add in Bluetooth compatibility, GPS capability and smartphone pairing, and you’ve got a helmet that likely has more computing power than your first desktop.

Skully was hoping to raise $250,000 in their IndieGoGo campaign. Now that they’ve reached their deadline, they’ve raised more than $1.86 million US, and they have decided to keep the campaign going.

Basically, the deal is this: You can pre-order the helmet and guarantee one’s available for the 2015 riding season. It’s still uber-expensive (it’ll cost $1,399, $1,499 US for international buyers – you must pay $500 down, but you can pay the rest later), but at least you’ll have your Star Trek-worthy skid lid available next spring. Because of the offer’s popularity, they have extended its availability for one more month, to October 9. Interested buyers can find out more about the program, and its incentives, at Skully’s fundraiser site here.


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