SPIKE to air Evel Knievel doc tonight

Will Ed Beckley succeed where Evel Knievel failed?

Evel Knievel: Pro hockey player, shady hunting guide, motorcycle stuntman. Tonight, on SPIKE, you can watch their documentary on the legendary motorcycle jumper’s life.

If you don’t know who Evel Knievel is, you can check out his Wikipedia page here or his official web page here. He was the original extreme sports hero, jumping buses on his Harley-Davidsons or Triumphs when today’s flatbrim-capped mad stuntahs were only a twinkle in their daddy’s eye. Or even before that. He holds the Guinness record for surviving the most bones broken in a lifetime (safety standards were a little lax in those days, even by extreme sports standards). Surprisingly, he actually died of heart disease in his old age.

Hey, maybe we just gave the plot of SPIKE’s TV special away.  Anyway, according to SPIKE’s website, the program airs at 11 PM; if you miss it, you can try again at 12:30 AM Thursday morning. There are worse ways to treat insomnia.

Along with family members, the program will interview Matthew McConaughey, Kid Rock, Michelle Rodriguez, Guy Fieri and Robbie Maddison. We’re pretty sure that, except for Maddison, most of those people don’t jump motorcycles for a living, but maybe they’ll have something interesting to say anyway.

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