Sturgis North still battling opposition

The festival's organizers have had to jump through a lot of hoops, thanks to Salmon Arm town council.
The festival's organizers have had to jump through a lot of hoops, thanks to Salmon Arm town council.

Sturgis North may have run into an obstacle it can’t overcome – noise bylaws.

In spite of months of opposition, organizers for the motorcycle rally have pressed on to their goal of running the festival in Salmon Arm, B.C. this July. According to the Observer newspaper, they recently scraped up $40,000 for town council to cover police costs for the event, but now face another hurdle; council thinks the festival’s overflow campground, for RVers and vendors, may be too noisy.

Motorcycle noise problems seem to be grabbing headlines across Canada this summer, so it may be tough for the organizers to work their way through this issue. Some of the town’s citizens seem dead-set against the festival, and now they may have the weapon they need to fight it. Still, for now, the rally is running as planned.

Whether or not the noise bylaw mess gets sorted out, we still haven’t heard the organizers’ plans for dealing with trademark issues either. The original South Dakota-based Sturgis rally recently slapped down a Kentucky festival in a lawsuit for calling themselves Little Sturgis – a judge ruled the Kentucky festival had to change their name.

If the B.C. biker bash ever actually happens, we can’t see the original South Dakota festival’s organizers being too happy with the ongoing use of it’s name, which is now a federally protected trademark in the U.S.

You’ve got to hand it to the Canadian organizers, though; they sure aren’t giving up easily.


  1. if you want to stay in CANADA come to STURGIS SASKATCHEWAN check out the map……we are here and we do a charity run 400kms+ on Aug 5th 2012 for a new charityeach year last year we raised money for a wheelchair accessible playground and this year raising money for the 1 2 3 daycare in our towns here…Ron and Rose Descalchuk Sturgis Sask…..547 7544

  2. As a 30 year citizen of Sturgis, I have seen the rally here go from a few genuine motorcycle enthusiasts to a totally out-of-control greed fest. The few who are making big money off the event put very little back into the community, and could care less what the rest of us think.  This town pretends to be a moral all american town 50 weeks out of the year, then turns their hypocrital heads to allow whatever disgusting immoral shit the bikers decide to bring with them all in the name of $$$$$$$$$$.  I wish this major blight on our society would die a painful death.

  3. This is getting to be a pain in the ass. People in Salmon Arm should wake up.I’m coming up there to have a good time, spent money on the cabins that may friends and I have rented. The gas that I will be buying. The restaurants that I’ll be eating in. There and in other small town communities in the area. As for Sturgis SD  the Black Hills Rally. Because the whole area is involved in making money off bikers not just the city of Sturgis.Including neighbouring state like Wyoming

    • Oh, so everyone in Salmon Arm, or anywhere else, should throw open their doors and fondly embrace all you biker varmints just BECAUSE ?  You want to let us all know you’re here by expressing your decibels ?  How big a dumb-ass are you anyways  ?  As someone else said, go to the REAL Sturgis and piss on them, since according to you they like (and need) your money…. we don’t.

  4. It’s sad that the requirement to be offensively loud (for some riders)has become so inseperably linked to these events that just enforcing local noise bylaws can bring things to a grinding halt.  

    • I thought this event was born with the idea of providing a place for M/C enthusiasts of all types to gather because of their inability to legally cross the border to attend the original “Sturgis” rally. Am I wrong?

  5. Most of the scooters in Salmon Arm are electric powered, have four wheels and carry 300 pounds of decaying flesh.

  6. Wait, are you saying your opinion makes you an asshole? Or is that not what you meant…it’s a bit muddled.
    You are right about nobody can tell you what to ride, that’s true.
    They can however, tell you how loud your ride can be.
    Don’t like it? Don’t ride where they care about obnoxiously loud bikes; any bikes – cruisers, sport bikes, whatever.
    Is this unreasonable? Not in my opinion.
    Wait, does that make me an asshole?
    Damn, this opinion thing is pretty tricky.

  7. Should change the name to STURGIN NORTH a play on words but will avoid any legal shit. Years ago we all worked together in the biker community to fight [ the man ] now we prey on each other.Harley haters/metric bike haters/sport bike haters /etc. I ride whatever I want whenever I want.Remember opinions are like assholes everyone got one.And to all you tools who will have something to say arguing on the internet is like winning in the special olympics – even if ya win you are still retarded!

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