RIP, Motojournalist Max Burns

A selection of Max Burns' books.

Max Burns, one of the most-loved motorcycle writers in Canadian magazine history, has died. On June 10, Burns’ partner Jackie Quinton posted that Burns had died of pneumonia.

Burns had a long and highly-respected career as a writer both inside and outside the world of motorcycles. He was known in the cottage community for his books on practical things like docks and water systems, and he also had written fiction. But he is probably best-known for his writing about the world of motorcycling, including a series of books about his travels as well as his long career of contributions to Cycle Canada.

Larry Tate reviewed Burns’ book Adventures With Neddow for CMG in 2015. You can see his review here; here’s what he wrote about Burns himself:

“Allow me to say here that in my opinion, Max is superior to anyone else in Canada who’s ever written about the pleasures, rewards, and general high-end feelings anyone can get from riding – he’s the best, and I believe that his columns and stories in Cycle Canada over the years and his books easily support that contention.”

High praise, but Burns was always a fan favourite in the pages of Cycle Canada, and it is too bad that his self-published books have become so hard to find in print now.

For a taste of what Burns’ writing so great, you can check out his April, 1998 column reprinted here at Destination Highways.

CMG wishes to express our condolences to Burns’ family and friends at this time.




  1. So sad.

    I have all of his bike books (I think all autographed), except “The Winged Wheel Patch”. When that was released 112 years ago when I was foolish, I thought it would not appeal. Later came to rue that decision, as Max Burns’s books are the best money I ever spent. “On Any Wednesday”, “Adventures with Neddow”, and “These are a few of my favourite roads” were (and currently are) on my coffee table when I read the news posted by Zak on that adventure site.

    My favourite, “around the bend (again)” is next to my bed.

    My opinion is that Larry is correct, but I shall go further and state that Max was my favourite bike writer of all time.

    My condolences go out to Jackie and his son.

    Thank you, Max, for providing me and still providing me with hours of great entertainment.

    You will be greatly missed.

  2. Sad day indeed. Max’s words and musings were captivating, inspiring, thought provoking, and periodically annoying, but always rewarding.

    Always a highlight of Cycle Canada, and my “read first” of every issue.

    RIP Max

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