Gear up your Grom: Woodcraft brings out new accessories


The aftermarket industry continues to put its energy into upgrading the Honda Grom, with news from Woodcraft that they’re bringing out a few race-ready parts for the diminutive Honda.

Honda’s new mini-hooligan bike seems to be capturing hearts everywhere, and we’ve even seen videos of the bike pressed into roadracing. The aftermarket has even come out with some pretty aggressive big bore kits for the bike.

Now Woodcraft has announced they’re making axle sliders, rearsets and a sprocket cover for the bike. The sliders will set you back $60 US and hopefully ease the pain of a crash and slide. The rearsets are considerably more expensive, at $430 US, but they’re probably a necessity for any rider with normal-sized legs who wants to ride their Grom aggressively. The sprocket cover, which Woodcraft designed to make it easier to change to a race-style shifter, will also set you back $60 US.

Find out more details at Woodcraft’s website.

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