Aerostich Pop-Up returns to Portland, Oregon

All-weather riding gear like the Aerostich R3 is made to shed water and dry out quickly, not something you'd typically find with leather.

Every time we’ve reviewed Aerostich gear here at CMG, we’ve been happy with it. If you think you’d like to try it for yourself, but you’re a little hesitant to order from a catalogue, then you’re in luck- as long as you live within riding distance of Portland, Oregon.

In the last couple years, Aerostich has been taking their show to the road, offering pop-up retail sales events in locations around the US (last summer, they said they were considering a Canadian event as well, but that hasn’t happened yet). Their next event is in Oregon – an afternoon’s ride from the BC border.

The event runs August 7-10 in the town of Milwaukie, Oregon, just south of Portland. At the event, you can try on off-the-rack Aerostich gear and ride off wearing their finest equipment (after paying for it, of course). You can also get measured for a custom-fit suit. For more details, visit Aerostich’s website.

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