Bell releases the Bullitt


If you’re into vintage rides, and you want a helmet that matches, your choices are simple: Either you wear an open-face helmet, leaving yourself open to serious facial injuries, or you wear a Simpson Bandit, leaving yourself open to comparisons to Darth Vader or The Stig.

Now, Bell has brought a new helmet to market that should appeal to both artsy cafe racer-building youths and grizzled vets of the open road. Dubbed the Bullitt (wonder where THAT name came from, and is Steve McQueen’s estate going to sue for royalties?), the new helmet was designed by some kid from NYC who spends his spare time fixing up crappy old UJMs. It figures.

This helmet is only DOT certified, so don’t get any ideas about using it for vintage racing. It’s an interesting design, as it mostly incorporates design cues from classic skid lids, but still has the same lines as a new Bell Star – they’re just more curvy and artsy. Hey, if the media reps from Bell ever call us back, we might even be able to test one for you! We’re sure he’s pretty busy, though.

The new Bell Bullitt has leather trim, a five-year warranty, the liner is removable/washable and there are accessory shields available. It seems to be priced around $400 US at online retailers right now.


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