More spy photos of Yamaha’s R25 surface


For months now, we’ve been seeing hints of Yamaha’s new beginner bike, the R25 (also known as the R3 in some markets, it seems). Now, we’ve got new spy photos from Asia, but no release details.

TMC Blog published a couple of these pictures of the bike this week. If Yamaha follows the example set by Kawasaki with their Ninja, there will be two versions of this bike – a 250 cc version for some markets, especially in Asia, and a 300 cc version for the rest of the world.

More shots of the bike, some showing it without a rider, showed up on We’re not sure exactly where they’re finding these pix at, but it seems to show Yamaha is busy working on this project behind the scenes, even if all’s quiet officially.

The photos so far seem to show a mild-mannered bike (no extreme sitting position) with a subdued paint scheme. It’ll be interesting to see what reaction is when the bike actually appears on market, if it’s still sticking with that “below-the-radar” vibe. In the sportbike market, flash sells.


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