Arai introduces new sun shade system


While many manufacturers are incorporating retractable sun shields into their helmets (like the Schuberth C3 Pro I tested last year), Arai is going their own way.

Earlier this month, Arai introduced their new PRO Shade system, featuring a pull-down sun visor that doubles as a peak on the helmet. It offers the same sort of sun-shading capability as the brim on a dual sport helmet, but can be pulled down in front of the rider’s visor to block solar rays. Arai says this system is safer than the standard method of integrating the pull-down visor inside the helmet shell.

To use the Pro Shade, a rider simply pulls it forward from its locked-in position, and pulls it down. It doesn’t contact the rider’s visor, so it shouldn’t scratch it. It seems the system can be retro-fitted to all Arai’s SAI full-face helmets, if we understand their marketing copy correctly.

Will it be a success? It’s hard to say, without trying it. Although it looks a bit sketchy and unorthodox, Arai is claiming it offers enhanced aerodynamics and increased helmet stability, but they don’t mention noise. Maybe a road test is in order?

Arai Sun Shade


  1. It ight work better – as a guy who wears glasses I have a helmet with the sun shade built “in”. If my glasses fall down my nose even a bit the shade hits them when I pull it down.

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