Jordan Szoke keeps Parts Canada sponsorship

Szoke breaks down his impressions of his bike's issues post-race at Shubenacadie in 2013. For perspective, realize this is the last CSBK race someone's beaten Jordan Szoke. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Parts Canada has announced they’ll be sponsoring 2013 CSBK champ Jordan Szoke for another season of roadracing and off-road action.

Szoke made his name roadracing in Canadian Superbike and AMA action, but he’s also an accomplished trials rider, and will be representing Canada again at the 2014 Trial des Nations. He’s also put together a freestyle motocross and stunt show that’s running with the Great Rodeo tour and doing the show circuit in the winter, and riding the Corduroy Enduro again this fall, so Parts Canada gets a lot of exposure for their dollar. Szoke represents Parts Canada’s HJC, Thor and Alpinestars brands.

The big question for the 2014 CSBK season is, who else can nail down sponsors? There are top-level racers in Canada with the talent to closely contest Szoke for the championship, but if the money isn’t there, it’s tough for them to compete. It’s sad, but the 2014 series might not just be decided over who’s the fastest, but over who can afford to stay in the game.

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