Rossi wants to stick around

Valentino Rossi surprised all by finishing second. Photo: MotoGP

When Valentino Rossi signed with Yamaha last season, leaving Ducati, many observers thought it was his last contract. However, it seems Rossi isn’t planning it that way.

In an interview with the Sky channel (on Italian television), Rossi said he’s not planning to retire at the end of his contract this year.

“”I think I will renew with Yamaha. I never had the idea of quitting, I feel in good form and above all racing gives me immense pleasure,” Rossi said. “It’s the most enjoyable thing in my life, I love this world and I love the lifestyle which comes with being a MotoGP rider, training hard and traveling the world. As long as I am competitive I hope to continue.”

Rossi had poor results in his years with Ducati, but got back on track with Yamaha last year, ending the season in fourth place. In the first race this season (Qatar), he nailed a second-place finish. His career has definitely taken an upswing in the last few months.

However, when the interviewer asked him who this year’s MotoGP champ would be, Rossi didn’t boast about a plan to take another championship.

“”I think Marquez will be the World Champion again, and I’ll try to give him a little luck,” Rossi said.

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