New seat from Airhawk


Remember that review, about that Airhawk seat? If you don’t remember, you can find it here. If you do remember, you’ll also remember I loved the seat, but that it was really designed for cruisers.

Now, Airhawk’s come out with a new seat pad meant to fit adventure bikes.  The Airhawk R that I had was 14 inches deep and 15.25 inches wide, which is a bit of overkill for a dual sport. Now, they’ve got a new seat, the DS Cruiser, that’s 11.5 inches deep and 11 inches wide – much better dimensions for a skinny dual sport seat.

Remember, if you’re already short of leg, this will put your butt even further off the ground; vertically-challenged off-roaders might want to keep this in mind. Otherwise,  it’s worth checking out. It’s retailing for around $170 online, which is much cheaper than a custom seat. You can find out more about Airhawk’s products here.



    • There’s an ATV seat cushion that will fit your bike.
      I haven’t found a Canadian vendor, but you can search the US Walmart site for ATV Seat Cushion.
      It’s a Coleman product for $20 – several inmates on one of my favorite forums gave it good reviews.
      If I can find someone in Canada that sells it, I’ll pick one up for my XR650.

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