Overland Expo heads east

Instructor Andrew Pain talks about minimalist motorcycle packing.

For a few years now, Overland Expo has been one of North America’s best-known adventure riding rallies. The trouble is, its Arizona location is both a blessing and a curse. That’s going to change this year – sort of.

When I rode to Overland Expo last spring, it was held at Mormon Lake in Arizona, close to Flagstaff. There is plenty of great on-and-off-road riding in the area, but Arizona is a long, long way from the east coast. Now, though, the organizers of OX are putting together a second rally, held in the eastern US.

On Oct. 3-5 this fall, Overland Expo East will run just outside Asheville, North Carolina, at the Taylor Ranch. RawHyde Adventures will be providing bike training, just like they do at the Arizona rally, but we’re guessing this scene will be a tad different, with fewer desert-oriented bikes showing up and more woods machines. Of course, there will be plenty of four-wheeled adventurers in attendance as well (Land Rover is providing 4×4 training).

Like the Arizona event, there will be plenty of camping space at the North Carolina rally, and remember – this area, like the Mormon Lake area, is an outdoor paradise, but it’s also right in the middle of some of North America’s best twisties. The Tail of the Dragon is only a couple hours away.

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