NoNoise earplugs filter what you hear


Most experienced motorcyclists wear earplugs while touring, but they can be a pain in the rear. It’s great to muffle the wind noise swirling around your helmet, but when you come to a stop and can’t talk to anyone, it’s frustrating.

The NoNoise earplugs are supposed to avoid that problem. Through some clever design (or possibly top-secret voodoo), the earplugs will block out loud noises (like airflow, or perhaps those life-saving loud pipes you installed), but still allow other, quieter noises, like sirens or voices.  Supposedly, you can even use your bike’s intercom with them installed.

They’re silicone-free, washable and re-usable (at $30 a pair, they’d better be!).

Curious about them? So are we, so we got a pair to test. You can check ’em out here, if you want to know more.



  1. So when’s the official CMG review due to be posted? Inquiring minds with foamie plug filled ears wanna know!

  2. Yes, this does work, but it is not new technology, its just more affordable….. Custom made ear protection has been available for years (Beltone is were I got mine several years ago) , in which a material is poured into your ear to create a mold, then sent away for manufacture. The pliable finished piece fit into your ear, and came with a hole in the middle to block high DB levels, yet still allow the person to converse with others, as those frequency’s would pass through…. this came with a price tag though.

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