Update: Yamaha to unveil something next week – but what?


For months now, Yamaha has been telling us they have a small-displacement sportbike on the way. Now, it seems that machine’s release might be just around the corner. Or is it?

According to the countdown clock on this teaser website, though, they’re set to unveil something next week. Details are slim, but the video on the site shows a fully-faired bike. You can check out the video below. However, along with the line drawing of a sport bike, there’s also a few clips of a sporty-looking step-through. So what’s up?

It’s possible Yamaha is planning to release a few new machines based around a single motor (sort of like Honda’s approach with their 500s and 700s).  Yamaha’s certainly working on some interesting stuff these days, and if they brought out some surprising new motorcycle, well, that wouldn’t be surprising at all. There’s also the possibility this is a teaser for some new social media site or something like that – but we sure hope not. We’ll know for sure next week, right?


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