Parts Canada drops Canadian Superbike sponsorship

The national roadracing series will need a new logo, now that they've lost major sponsor Parts Canada.
The national roadracing series will need a new logo, now that they've lost major sponsor Parts Canada.

Parts Canada, a Canadian national roadracing sponsor since 1990, is stepping away from the Canadian Superbike Championship.

This is grim news for the series, and it’s a little hard to figure out. Only a couple weeks ago, Inside Motorcycles reported that all was well with the series, and Parts Canada was on board for 2012. And, most of the time, sponsors blame the faltering economy when they cut off funding. But, as they point out in their news release, Parts Canada has funded national roadracing through financial ups and downs.

Instead, they say the decision is partly due to public activities by the race series’ organizer. They hint that they’d like to resume some sort of sponsorship in the future – they talk about looking forward to a “new beginning,” but don’t say exactly what that means.

Want more details? Read the news release for yourself, below.

Parts Canada announces today that it will not be renewing sponsorship for 2012 with CSBK for the Canadian Superbike Championship.

Parts Canada has proudly supported the Canadian National road racing series as title sponsor since 1990. Even through the economic downturn and with other series partners finding it necessary to cut back (or disengage completely), Parts Canada continued to support the series as its title sponsor, and has provided support in many other ways including team support, and rider support, both amateur and professional.

After a successful 2011 season with new ownership and the new title of CSBK Parts Canada, Parts Canada was excited to be discussing the program for 2012. Having fulfilled all of its obligations for the 2011 season and looking forward to 2012, Parts Canada was forced to re-evaluate its investment in the series. In part, this decision is as a result of recent public events related to the series organizer, with which Parts Canada does not want to be associated. Parts Canada intends to stand firm in its corporate beliefs and as a result must pull away from the current series.

James Danyluk, President of Parts Canada adds, “This is not an easy decision for us, as we are proud of our racing heritage. Parts Canada has and will continue to be one of the preeminent sponsors of motorcycle racing in Canada, be it road racing, motorcross, drag racing or any other type. Parts Canada respects all of the supporters, riders, team owners, technicians and fans, and does not wish to be associated with or condone conduct that is not consistent with this philosophy. We support the sport, and will continue our efforts to promote motorcycling in Canada. We are looking forward to a fresh beginning.”


  1. Kevin’s latest post on

    Just wanted to address this as I’m sure people are checking here for a response or info. You will not find the release posted here as it was not sent to CSBK directly. The team is now exploring alternatives and ways to continue with national road racing. We will issue a release as soon as we have more info. 

    Thank you for the emails and phone calls offering support. We are also working on rule changes and ideas based on your input. AM Superbike was a great success and not going away if I can help it. 

    More info to come.

  2. Very bad news. You have got to wonder if there will even be a 2012 National series with this news hot on the heals of Kawasaki’s withdrawal. Sad to see Parts Canada leave as I am sure a title sponsor will be hard to replace these days. I won’t be rushing out to buy a CBR250 any time soon for Stacey to defend her title…

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