More ZX-14 details revealed

Kawasaki is claiming the new ZX-14 is the world's fastest-accelerating production motorcycle.
Kawasaki is claiming the new ZX-14R is the world's fastest-accelerating production motorcycle.

With the new 2012 ZX-14R, Kawasaki has Suzuki’s Hayabusa right in their sights.

While there’s a gentleman’s agreement between the four Japanese manufacturers to limit top speed, there’s no handshake deal on acceleration speeds; now, Kawasaki says the new ZX-14R is the world’s fastest-accelerating production motorcycle.

According to Asphalt and Rubber, the bike’s motor has had its stroke increased 4 mm to make for a 1,441 cc capacity. Internet scuttlebutt has the motor producing over 200 horsepower at the crank, when combined with the ram air system.

While engineers claimed they tried to reduce the bike's weight, the 2012 ZX-14R is supposedly 17 lbs heavier than the 2011 model.

The ZX-14R will feature a three-setting traction control, a slipper clutch, and ride-by-wire throttle system. One thing that won’t impress riders is the ZX-14’s weight gain; Asphalt and Rubber claims the bike is up 17 lbs, to 584 lbs.

The bike received a rave review from world champion drag racer Rickey Gadson at Bikeland’s website.

We haven’t seen an official top speed released by the factory yet, but Gason is claiming 6.32 second runs at 118mph in the 1/8 mile and 9.71 seconds at 147.90 mph in the quarter mile. Check out the spy video below, where Rickey takes the ZX-14 head-to-head with a Hayabusa.


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