Daytona Penalties


A pretty good clip to wipe out at!
Courtesy: Speedtv

The scary Daytona finish, in which Josh Herrin and Dane Westby collided, sending Westby down and collecting Tyler Knapp in the process at something like 290 km/h, has resulted in penalties for Herrin and his Graves Yamaha team. 

Citing a rule prohibiting “riding at any time in such a manner as to endanger other riders, officials or the public” – clearly, the AMA is blaming Herrin for the collision with Westby – the officials have levied the following:

  • Rider penalty: One-event suspension, to be applied at Infineon Raceway Round 2, May 13-15
  • Rider penalty: Season-long probation, in effect through December 31, 2011, the violation of which shall result in further and more-serious penalties
  • Team penalty: $7,500 fine, the entire proceeds of which will be applied to the purchase of additional Airfence



  1. Bump once? Maybe. Bump twice? You meant to do it. Brake lever hit, tank slapper, two riders out, and Herrin caused it.

  2. Tough call but he was pretty aggressive in trying to take real estate that was already occupied.

    Of course if it hadn’t been for the red flag bunching them back up he would have only had Zemke to worry about.

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