VAN racers' bike seized


Here’s what happens when you try to outrun police cruisers and a chase helicopter.

Last October we told you the story of the two riders who tore through Coquitlam, Burnaby, and Vancouver in a high-speed ride that turned into a high-speed chase, with a police helicopter required to chase down one of the culprits.

Well, everyone has their day in court, and 27-year-old Sajjad Shamsi Kazem Abadi of Coquitlam, who fled police on his black Honda after his riding partner was pulled over, took his lumps in front of a judge and was handed a four-month jail sentence and a five-year driving ban after pleading guilty to fleeing from police and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. The other rider has a trial date set for Jan. 17 next year.

But that’s not all, announced the BC Supreme Court ordered both motorcycles forfeited to the Crown last week under the provincial Civil Forfeiture Act. At least now Abadi won’t be tempted to break his driving ban.



  1. Headline in to-day’s National Post – “B. C. police database names 85% of residents.” you have to read it to believe it – the Police State is here,and settling in nicely!

  2. Steve can stay away if he wants, but I’m still going to BC for mountain roads and vistas…but I will be watching my speed quite closely.

    I have trouble believing that the police will pull you over and seize your bike if you are within 10kph of the limit, I don’t even think they will pull you over…unless you are driving like an ass and show major attitude…

    I’ll believe it when I see it…okay, hear about it on the news…’cause you know we would…


  3. What Steve said.

    And what’s more, that’s why people will take their chances fleeing the police. This kind of heavy-handed lawmaking causes as many problems as it solves… but they tend to be larger and more expensive problems.

  4. It should be pointed out that you will lose your vehicle as above if you go 40km/hr over the posted speed. Which I can’t argue with, IF, the posted speeds in BC were anywhere near proper and aligned with the rest of the free world. This of course makes the whole thing a cash cow and the police nothing but revenue collectors.
    Throw in the roadside just with no appeal or court process, AND the fact that police do not have to confirm your speed with a radar device, as simply an “educated” guess is enough for you to be stranded literally anywhere in the province, as the police and the tow truck drice away free to leave you on the side of the road.
    So consider this as you make plans to have a vacation in B.C., we want your money, and we are going to get it even if we have to guess your speed!!!!

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