Lorenzo flies on four wheels



Lorenzo still manages to make it a two-wheeled race.

MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo competed in the 500 km of Alcañiz behind the wheel of a Fiat 500 Abarth last Sunday. The race was held at the Motorland Aragon Circuit in Alcañiz, Spain.

The Fiat-sponsored Spanish rider shared the wheel of the Difisa Racing-prepared Fiat Abarth Assetto Corse production race car with José Manuel de los Milagros and Antxel Echegoyen. Together the trio finished second in class.

Lorenzo tested with the team at the Circuit de Catalunya, and then raced in the penultimate round of the Spanish Resistance Championship in November before participating in the final round in Alcañiz.

Team Director of the Difisa race team, Salvador Espinal, said, “Jorge’s development since his first drive at the Catalunya Circuit has been rapid. He’s learnt very quickly and has displayed a high level of concentration, and that’s why he is a World Champion. He’s learnt to take corner exits at high speed here, and this has resulted in his final position, which placed him up there with some very fast drivers.”


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