New helmet easily removed


Helmet comes apart in pieces for ease of removal.

A 23-year-old U.K. student has designed a full-face motorcycle helmet that can be quickly and safely removed at the scene of a collision.

The “Splinter” uses two clips located on the sides of the helmet to hold the outer shell and cranial protection elements to a smaller subassembly around the base of the head. When clips are pulled off, the outer shell can be slid off the head easily.
The smaller subassembly can then be removed as well.

Normal helmet removal operations can take up to 10 minutes and can worsen injuries, but if a rider is not breathing, there isn’t time to safely remove the helmet.

The release clips are easily seen and bear a marking for paramedics. The helmet is only a design at this stage, but could become reality in the near future.

He hopes that a major helmet manufacturer will show interest in working with him on producing the helmet, since getting a new helmet certified for use is a difficult task. He said he wants the helmet on the market in two years at a price of about $350 Cdn.

The student won a £2,000 prize for his design.


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