New packs from Alpinestars


Protection Pack – stay safe with your gear.

Alpinestars has released three new backpacks for

The Protection Pack is designed to protect the rider and
carry stuff as well. It’s made of ballistic nylon twill and honeycomb nylon and
features a pocket for a CE back protector, a helmet compartment, and a
compartment for a laptop computer.

It’s available in black for $230 U.S.

For a lot less money, you can get the Commuter Pack, which
is made of water-resistant ballistic nylon twill and honeycomb nylon, has a
self-locking zipper on the main compartment and a waterproof zipper on the
front compartment, and also has room for a laptop.

It’s also in black, and goes for $90.

And for the thirsty CMGer (and what CMGer isn’t thirsty?),
there’s the Hydro Pack, which is a "non-intrusive water carrier," with more of
that ballistic nylon twill and honeycomb nylon, plus a compartment for two
litres of water or other non-alcoholic, non-fizzy refreshment, a drinking tube,
and some small side pockets and padded straps for comfort. Also black, and also

You can get all three for $410 from your Alpinestars dealer,
plus taxes of course. For more, go to .

And for more on the Protection Backpack click the page’s
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