Rene publishes travel book


University of Gravel Roads

His travels around the world on a BMW F650GS were documented in CMG, and now Rene Cormier has published a book about his travels.

The University of Gravel Roads is a gorgeous, 160-page, full-colour coffee-table book filled with pictures and Rene’s entertaining and informative story-telling (it’s even printed in Canada).

It may be sunny in California, but here in Canada there’s still plenty of chill and lots of time for sitting by the fire with a hot toddy and a book that’ll have you dreaming of far-away and two wheels. This would be the book.

Watch for a review in CMG — from what we’ve read so far, it’s looking like a book you’ll want to have, not on your shelf, but in your hands. Go to for info on where to get your hands on it.

It’s available for $40 at some bookstores in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, and you can always try talking your local bookstore into getting some copies And if you don’t mind paying shipping, you can order the book right now through the U of GR website.


  1. I had the opportunity to meet Rene this past Friday May 14th at his Toronto BMW talk. I had been gifted his book by a close friend who has the same passion for freedom as does Rene and I. The freedom you can only get from riding on a Motorcycle. Rene’s account of freedom has been captured in his book wonderfully! It was such a great read that I could not put it down the two evening it took me to read it all! You not only travel with Rene as a passanger, but visually travel through the world’s most spectacular settings meant to be riden on a motorcycle. I hope you can pick up a copy!

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