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The MotoGP arcade game is a good reason to save your quarters

Want a video game that gives you a taste of MotoGP action? This new arcade game might suffice, if you can afford it.

The new MotoGP game is a collaboration between series owner Dorna and Raw Thrills, a U.S.-based arcade machine maker. Like many motorcycle racing arcade games, it allows the player to learn the motorcycle and race head-to-head with friends; up to eight players can race together, linking locally or online. The arcade machines even have fans to simulate airblast while playing; players must provide their own race leathers, however …

The game has three difficulty levels, and can keep track of your playing stats.

MotoGP’s press release does not say how many tracks are featured in the game (only 10 are included), and we have no idea where the machines will be sold. Our suggestion is, if you’d like to play it, tell your local arcade distributors, or maybe pester someone in management down at the local biker hangout. And then, start saving quarters, because this looks like a fun way to kill time this winter.


5 thoughts on “The MotoGP arcade game is a good reason to save your quarters”

    1. Surprisingly, a few have survived from the 1980s. I think this would be a lot of fun, as long as you had your buddies along to play against, and everyone had pockets full of quarters.

    1. Totally. Or in Dani Pedrosa’s case, a baseball bat that came out from the side of the machine to break some bones anytime you started putting up some good results.

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