Custom treatment for the new Rebel

Honda’s wasting no time demonstrating how its new Rebel can be customized just as much as you like. Even before revealing the bike to the public this week at the Long Beach motorcycle show, it wheeled out three different versions to the media at a private reception across the road.

There’s a performance version, a “just tooling around” version, and — the star of the evening — the version created by Paige Mycoskie, the head of southern California’s trendy Aviator Nation stores.

(We don’t really know what Aviation Nation is because we’re not that trendy, but Ms. Mycoskie didn’t smack Editor Richardson upside the head when he took a selfie with her. Or at least, she didn’t have time to.)

The whole point of the Rebel (described in more detail here) is that it’s simple to modify and turn into whatever you’d like it to be. Click on these pictures from the event and make up your own mind about its potential.


  1. Nice to see Honda reincarnating the Rebel … but even resurrected, it cannot touch Yamaha’s Bolt, or even Kawi’s Vulcan S. The 300cc Rebel should see duty on the many Motorcycle Training courses across the country though.

    • ‘Looks like the Rebel 500 will be massively-lighter than the Bolt, and (while subjective) much better looking and more of a “standard” than the somewhat-odd Vulcan S cruiser, so there might be a place for all three to be successful.

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