Triumph unleashes full monty on Rocket III

Because you always need more power.
Because you always need more power.

Just in case you thought that 2.3 litre Triumph Rocket III triple just didn’t quite have enough oomph, Triumph has unveiled an unrestricted version of its Roadster at the recent New York show, sans the power restrictions of the previous model.

Stripes are a nice touch.
Stripes are a nice touch.

The Roadster loses its electronic limiter that kept things civil in the first three gears, and along with new mapping, now sees an unrestricted 146 hp/163 ft-lb on tap.

It also gets a makeover with less chrome and more black, a more upright seating position and ABS as standard. It’ll be available in two colours – Phantom Black Metallic with twin red stripes centre or Matt Black Phantom with twin white stripes centre.

The new Roadster is expected to be released in March though we have not heard whether they will be available in Canada, or pricing.


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    1. Not a lot of carbon in the rear tire, which would definitely be leaving a long, black, smoking footprint pretty much everywhere.

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