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Tonight: Ed March at Twisted Throttle

Ed March is giving a presentation on his Malaysia-UK adventure in Twisted Throttle's Ontario location tonight, and you should go.

Download Ed March’s film today!

Dirtpunk offers digital download for under $20.

Now on Dirtpunk: Buy Ed March’s Malaysia to UK DVD

Support this madman's C90-powered adventures.

Ed’s March Across Canada – The Prairies

Ed and Rach hit the flat lands of Canada's Prairies and experience the joys of minus 25C.

Ed’s March across Canada – BC to Alberta

Ed and Rachel get to the Canadian winter experience in earnest - getting across the Rockies.

Ed’s March across Canada – Alaska to British Columbia!

Ed and Rachel are in North America and exploring Alaska in the fall. Winter comes just as they hit Canada.

Ed’s March across Canada – the prequel, part 2

The second part of Ed's prequel - The arctic, Mongolia group tours and finding a soulmate.

Ed’s March across Canada – the prequel, part 1

Ed March and his girlfriend Rachel are making their way across Canada on a pair of C90s. We'll be checking in with the duo every two weeks. To kick it all off, here's an introduction to Ed.

World Superbike announces updated 2020 racing schedule

World Superbike has confirmed a series of European races, with other Euro and overseas events still listed as unconfirmed.

Intermot cancelled!

The second-most-important bike show in Europe is cancelled this year, replaced with a virtual show.