Video: Ed March, C90 vs. Ecuador and Peru

Ed March is back with another video update for his Alaska-to-Argentina series. This time around, he’s back in South America, riding his Honda C90 through Ecuador and Peru and having a smashing time, too!

If you’ve been reading CMG for a while, you’ll remember Ed’s ride across Canada back in 2014-2015, with Rachel Lasham, both aboard Honda C90s. That was a proper ripping adventure, and it left us wondering: Why does it take a pair of Brits to do stuff like this, and why aren’t Canadians all riding across the continent every winter? Have we Gone Soft thanks to Netflix and indoor plumbing?

After putting Canadian motorcyclists to shame, Ed and Rachel continued their adventure through North America, then went their separate ways in Latin America. Ed continued filming, and now he’s showing the trip through Ecuador and Peru (previous Colombia installment is here).

In a winter where we’re all being told to stay home to avoid spreading COVID-19, Ed’s work is a refreshing reminder of just how fun motorcycle travel can and should be. He’s got lots of local colour, and plenty of off-the-bike excursions, which is all a good thing. Nobody wants to watch a 57-minute collection of shaky, blurry on-the-bike GoPro footage.

Ed’s become a very good storyteller through his film, and at the end of the clip, you’ll see him with his 100,000 subscriber award from YouTube. Good on him, too, he’s put the work and effort in, and his last two updates (about an hour-long each) show how far his filmography has come. He’s even experimenting with such innovating videography techniques as covering the sun with his finger, to eliminate glare in a shot. Stanley Kubrick himself could do no better … maybe.

Anyway, it’s all good fun, but like everything Ed does, full of NSFW language, and video clips of stuff like dogs humping each other and a roasted guinea pig supper that does a monologue. Viewer Beware!

If you want more fun, check out Ed’s website and YouTube channel


  1. I was literally watching it when I received the email for this article.

    Fantastic video series. Inspired me to kit up my 08 Aprilia Scarabeo 200. Now if I could only find some off road tires for it I’ll be set.

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