Ed March tackles Moab (with no C90!)

Ed March is back with a new YouTube update for 2022. That’s right, it’s been a whole year since he last updated the C90 Adventures channel with an Alaska-to-Argentina episode—blame COVID-19 for that gap. Now, his latest update sees him off to Moab, Utah, for a one-off adventure on a rented KTM EXC-500F!

What to expect? The usual. Fun, games, and willy jokes. Also, we get to see Ed’s naked backside … again. However, this time around, Ed’s filming is better than ever (partially thanks to a new drone), and you can watch in 4K, if your computer or mobile device will handle it.

And, there’s something else to expect: By the time you’re done, you’re going to be wishing the pandemic was over, and you could also be off riding around in Utah on a dirt bike.

(Oh yeah—if you’re wondering who Ed March is, a trip through the CMG archives will fill you in nicely!).

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