Video: Ed March rides Colombia!

Hey guys! Remember, a few years back, when we ran a series of stories and then a series of videos from Ed March and Rachel Lasham?

Starting in 2015, Ed and Rachel were riding from Alaska to Argentina on Honda C90s. Unlike most of the international ADV scene, they decided to throw a cross-Canada trip in, along the way. Oh yes, and they did it in the winter—see here, for those stories.

Well, life has a way of changing fast, and time goes by quicker than you expect. Ed and Rachel aren’t together anymore, and the trip itself wrapped up a couple of years ago, when Ed made it to Argentina solo, and went home. He’s been cranking out videos about his great transcontinental trip ever since, with the quality getting better and better as he hones his filmcraft.

Here’s his ride through Colombia, filmed mostly by himself after he and Rachel parted ways earlier in Central America. After cleverly avoiding massive ferry costs around the Darien Gap (by sneaking his bike aboard a boat as hand luggage), the C90-borne madman takes off through deserts, sketchy wilderness roads, and even a somewhat iffy border crossing into Venezuela. Oh yes, and he scramblerizes his step-through, sort of, grafting on some crude dirt bike suspension. Is there anything that Ed can’t do?

Er, yes. Ed, as always, is giving away his YouTube content for free, so he isn’t exactly coining it from this video work, and it is a lot of work. He’s got a link at the end of the video to his new webstore, though, so you can buy his DVDs or shirts and support his work.

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