Ride To Work Day Is Tomorrow! (June 11)

Ride to work, work to ride! It’s a gag off old Aerostich T-shirts, but it’s also a truism for many of us, who commute on our bikes. But for all of us, including those who don’t regularly ride to work, tomorrow (June 11) is a special day—it’s Ride to Work Day!

Ride to Work Day is an unofficial special event, as in, no government recognizes it. But on the second Tuesday of June, the Ride to Work Day non-profit group organizes and promotes this day that gets riders to show the practicality of motorcycles as day-to-day transportation, beyond the world of weekend toys.

In fact, organizers don’t want this to be your normal stay-home-from-work holiday. Ride to Work Day used to run on a Monday in June, but because of the Juneteenth holiday in the US, some riders didn’t actually have a work to ride to, some years. So we have Ride to Work Day on a Tuesday now.

Lynn Wisneski and Andy Goldfine, the management team at Aerostich, are also the people behind Ride to Work Day. The event was originally founded after moto magazine editor Fred Rau wrote an editorial column calling for such an event, in May 1992. From there, the event grew, starting with the first instance that July. Ride to Work Day was an informal thing at first, but with the founding of the non-profit organization in 2000, things have gotten more serious in recent years, with a whole website and promotional posters and other materials promoting the event! See more here, and don’t forget: Ride your bike to work tomorrow! And if you want to support Ride to Work’s… work, then you can buy merch here.

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