Canadians At Daytona: Respectable Return To The 200

Trevor Daley, part of Team BATTLAX, finished 20th overall at this year's Daytona 200. PHOTO CREDIT: Colin Fraser/CSBK

Canadian roadracers went back to the Daytona 200 in a big way this year, and as you might expect, results were mixed. However, it seems that without bad luck (which, alas, can always be counted on), Canucks would have put in a very strong showing, and even as it was, we saw very strong races from our contingent, including a top-10 and top-20.

Ten Canadian riders challenged the race this year, after Elliot Vieira canceled his plans to attend, and most of those riders made it through practice and qualifying and onto the race grid. The end result: Five Canadian finishers at the Daytona 200, with Ben Young as top Canuck (Josh Herrin won the 57-lap race).

Ben Young, on the right, was top Canadian in ninth overall. Teammate Daley moved into the top-20 when Bobby Fong was DQ’d. PHOTO CREDIT: Bridgestone

Young finished ninth in the race, moving up a notch after Bobby Fong was DQ’d due to a too-large fuel tank. He was part of Team BATTLAX with Trevor Daley; Daley was the next-highest Canadian rider, in 20th. Matt Simpson finished 25th, Alex Michel was 28th and Mavrick Cyr was 30th. Daley had some bad luck when his bike’s bodywork needed attention, which cost him valuable time, while Young played his race very smart and careful, making only two pit stops and masterfully managing his tires through the final laps.

Trevor Dion, Sebastien Tremblay and Sam Guerin had DNFs on race-day; Brad Macrae had a DNS. Dion had looked particularly strong in practice and was catching up to the leaders early in the race, but brake woes with his Ducati sent him out of competition. Guerin’s DNF was also due to a mechanical, when his motor gave out on Lap 13. Simpson had motor troubles at Daytona as well, but managed to get through the race anyway, making it from 46th to 25th despite his issues—no doubt he’s very happy about that!

Trevor Dion looked like a threat for top-10, at least, but a brake problem on his Ducati put him out of the race. PHOTO CREDIT: Colin Fraser/CSBK

Before the race, Alex Coelho’s run of tough luck continued with a crash that sent him off to hospital and kept him out of the running for yet another year.

After first-place Herrin, Tyler Scott, Hayden Gillim, Richie Escalante, Karel Hanika, Marvin Fritz, Brandon Paasch and Stefano Mesa all finished ahead of Young. Teagg Hobbs rounded out the top 10. See a full list of finishers for the 2024 Daytona 200 here.


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