New Moto Craft Show Comes To Toronto This June

Moto Craft Show

Do you think, with the winter and spring shows at the airport and the mid-winter industry show downtown, that Toronto has enough motorcycle shows? Apparently not, as we’ve just got word of another show coming to the city this summer.

The new Moto Craft show will run down by the waterfront at the Fort York Armoury, just around the corner from where the MMIC show runs in February. It sounds, from the PR, that there’s going to be indoor and outdoor displays. Check out the note below, which came from the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival (who are apparently helping with this project):

“If you’ll bear with us for a moment, we’re stepping aside from our usual film-focused news, excited to share with you information about a project we’ve been involved in. It’s a new motorcycle show called Moto Craft: Where Speed Meets Art that’s coming to Toronto, on June 14–16. The Show is produced by Flying Squirrel Motorcycle and SMP Productions, and we’re helping with the creative components. It will be completely different than any other show you’ve experienced before. That’s a bold claim, but hear us out.

As the show’s centrepiece, Moto Craft is bringing a large number of motorcycles from the Haas Moto Museum – the largest collection of Haas custom bikes ever gathered outside of the Museum itself. There will also be bikes from private collections and other international and local builders, from vintage board trackers to modern rockets and everything in between, plus moto-themed art, photography, crafts, live music, and high-quality food experiences; all of it impeccably designed, curated and hand-picked to create a premium event focused on celebrating motorcycle culture.”

For more details, keep an eye on the Moto Craft show website. They’re still accepting submissions for art and exhibits, so if you want to be a part of this cool event, act while there’s still time!

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