Triumph Tiger 1200 Is Updated For 2024


Triumph’s top-of-the-line adventure bikes, the Tiger 1200 series, are getting some modest updates for 2023. It doesn’t sound like there are any major revisions, and most of the changes are aimed at making the bike more comfortable.

The Tiger 1200 GT Explorer is Hinckley’s top-tier ADV street travel bike. PHOTO CREDIT: Triumph

Starting with the engine: Triumph kept the T-plane triple layout, but spent time re-working the internals so the bike runs more smoothly. The crankshaft, alternator and counterbalancer are all updated to make the engine smoother and easier to control at low rpm. Triumph says that when you’re picking up speed or scrubbing it off, the engine feels smoother, and that there’s noticeably less vibration when you’re long-hauling the bike all day. The clutch is also supposed to be more smooth, with a longer lever for easier control. A quickshifter is still standard. Triumph claims peak power of 147 hp at 9,000 rpm and 95.8 lb-ft of torque at 7,000 rpm.

1200 explorer
Hard luggage doesn’t come standard, but as always, Triumph has a lot of accessories they want to sell you. This model here is the GT, with cast wheels. PHOTO CREDIT: Triumph

It doesn’t sound like there are major changes to the frame or suspension, except for the return of Active Preload Reduction. This system drops the rear seat height as you pull up to a stop, making it less of a stretch for your legs to reach the ground. Triumph also reworked the standard seat and low accessory seats to be more comfortable.

The footpegs have been moved higher and closer in to the motorcycle, to give the bike more cornering clearance.

The spoked wheels and other offroad-friendly updates make the Rally Explorer more expensive than the GT. PHOTO CREDIT: Triumph

While there are multiple models of the bike for this season (expect it in dealerships soon), Triumph is only bringing the Rally Explorer and GT Explorer variants to the US market in 2024—Canada’s website also lists the Pro version of each model.

The Rally Explorer is what the name suggests, a more off-road oriented machine, with 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear. The wheels are a tubeless spoked design, for easy tire installation and repair. The GT Explorer has a 19-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel, and runs cast aluminum rims. Both bikes have a massive 30-liter gas tank and come with an electronics suite that includes heated grips, leaning-sensitive TC and ABS and lots more. The Pro models are a bit tamer, with 20-liter fuel tanks and less options to save you money (see MSRPs below). And of course, Triumph will happily sell you luggage and all sorts of other farkles.

Canada also lists the Pro models, with smaller gas tanks and other less-fancy features. The US market won’t get those bikes this year. PHOTO CREDIT: Triumph

The bikes come with a three-year warranty, with unlimited mileage. MSRP for the standard GT Explorer is $28,195; the Pro model is $25,595. The Rally Pro is $26,595. The Rally Explorer is $29,295 in Canada for 2024. Of course, taxes and fees are extra. For more details and photos, check out Triumph’s website here.

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